update finally

February 6, 2014

well its been awhile since Ive posted anything new, I have been working on the cars but just havent updated. So here it goes… The Vanishing Point Challenger is almost done after 5 long years and two body shops later… just putting it all together now, I will update with pics soon. I have also purchased several new vehicles that I have not posted on the web site, I will plan on doing that was well. New purchases include one of the original MIami Vice Daytona Ferrari’s , Daisy Dukes Yellow roadrunner from season 1 and 2 and another Starsky and Hutch car. Also purchased an old dirty Harry police car and a 1966 Mustang convertible which needs complete restoration. I promise to update new pics within the next two weeks. THanks

Recent News

April 30, 2012

I am currently selling the camaro, its primed and ready for the new owner , I just have too many other things, among those other things are a Triumph TR6 that I picked up and also a Plymouth Duster, I will add those soon to the website. THe Ford Falcon XB GT is almost completed, I will be adding updated photos as well.

new updates

December 15, 2011

Well alot has been going on, the 1971 Camaro is in full primer and ready for paint, I have decided to sell it though, if anyone is interested, let me know, I also have picked up a second Pontiac Can am, now I think I am going to restore the second one instead, its a 50,000 original mile car I purchased from the original owner, has a bad case of sitting, I will update the Can Am page soon, The biggest news right now is that I am finally starting and hopefully finishing within the next two months the Ford Falcon XB GT car, it is currently being primed as I type this, I finally was able to find all the parts I needed to finish it, all coming from Australia of course! more soon!

new purchase

August 18, 2011

picked up a 1979 International Scout II. I am the third owner, most Scouts have bad rust, I am pretty lucky on this one because the rust is minor, it has a rebuilt 345 V8. and best of all a complete removable top! look for pics and desription coming soon to the web site.

new updates

June 3, 2011

Well the site finally got updated, but I still have to add more, I ended up selling a couple of cars, but also ended up picking up some new ones as well. The latest deal was that I traded stright up my 1977 Jaws Jimmy blazer for a split bumper 1971 Camaro, a good trade in my opinion. I will be adding more descriptions and pics soon also updating status on various cars / projects so keep checking back. Thanks!


February 21, 2011

I making some changes to the web site and to the collection. I am selling the Camaro I am just not into doing the resto on it right now, also selling the GMC Jimmy, I did end up picking up a 73 Mustang Mach 1 fastback and also a 1977 Pontiac CAN AM, I really need to update the site which I will do later this week. Thats all for now.

New Purchase

November 9, 2010

Since I lasted updated a couple of things have changed, The Death Sentence mustang is done the 429 big block runs great lots of power! approx 420 horsepower, I will update new pictures next week, also will add pictures of the Porsche Carrera next week also. The Jim Rockford Pontiac is comiing along, it is going to paint next week, I will update with before and after pictures and add description to the web page. NEW Purchase! picked up a 1973 Mach 1 mustang, runs great has some body issues but nothing that cant be worked out look for page addition and pictures soon!

Update for October

October 18, 2010

Update: The Death Sentence Mustang is done, the 429 has been installed and runs great approx 410 horsepower, I will add new updated pics to the cars description page and info. The James Bond Lotus is going very slow, it is taking longer than expected, frame off resto, frame was completely blasted recoated, and the body is completely painted , now it needs to be put back together , hopefully will be done by Christmas. I will add pics of the Porsche carrera this week, Also purchsed a new car a 1974 Pontiac Firebird, it is just like the one from the TV show the Rockford Files (seasons 1 and 2) factory color and all, going to be a Rockford files clone, I am the third owner. Look for description page and before pictures soon!

new updates

August 10, 2010

Its been awhile so I am updating the progress of everything: THe 1970 Dodge challenger is about done, its been a long process but the whole car has been completely taken apart prepped and is being put back together , should hopefully be done by the end of spetember, look for updated pictures.
The 1967 Camaro is coming along, i have pulled the top of the motor off to drop in the new cam and lifter set and sent out the heads to be machined, it should be wrapped up next week, then I am putting the new interior back in it and going to drive it as-is until Dave the painter is ready for it.
The Death Sentence Mustang is recieving an update, we are pulling the 351 winsor that is currently in it and dropping in a completely rebuilt 429 with Dove heads and approx 400 horsepower, should be sweet when its done in a couple of weeks, look for updated pictures.
The 1977 GMC Jimmy Jaws 2 will be done finally this week, I will update the site with progression pictures and the final exterior paint.
The James Bond Lotus is coming along nicely, it has been completly disassembled from the frame, and motor pulled, frame has been prepped and cleaned/painted and body has been completely dissassembled prepped and painted, right now its going back together and then comes the interior, I should have clarifiaction soon if is one of the actual cars, stay tuned…..

New purchase

March 5, 2010

Well I just picked up a matching numbers 1967 Camaro 327 factory 4 speed car. It needs some work but is complete and is a running and driving project. I will be adding photos and description to the web site soon, my plan is to restore it and make it just like the 67 Camaro that bad guy Buddy Repparten drives in the movie Christine. More to come , check the website for updates.