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February 15, 2009

I got my Starsky and Hutch torino from the motor swap with the Bullitt mustang back and it runs great, I have had fun driving it around all week. The boys at vehicle recreations are close to finishing the install of the 390 on the Bullitt mustang. I will be adding finally the description of the Starsky and Hutch to the web site as well as pictures of the 55 Chevy and pictures and info of the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. Also right now I have my 1973 El Camino SS on ebay, so bid now! Also the 1970 Dodge Challenger is at Lopez paint and body starting its exterior body and panel and paint restoration and it will hopefully soon be the Vanishing Point challenger soon!


February 4, 2009

Thought I would post an update, I pickedĀ  up the 73 Ford Falcon

XB GT last week, and it exceeded my expectations with

the condition of the car, also cranked the motor and it sounds

great, just have to do a couple of things andit should be running.

Right now I am working on getting the original Mulberry

Metallic paint matched. I plan on just shooting the hood to see if

that is the color I want to go with so it will either be that or

Rothman’s Blue (which is a super dark blue). The Starsky and

Hutch is back on the road with the Bullitts motor and the Bullitt

is in the process of getting its 390 installed. Also the 70 Challenger

R/T floors are finished and its going for the rest of the body work

today. so hopefully I will have that back in about a month, we

will see. I also have a 1973 El Camino SS for sale if anyone is

interested, shoot me a response. Thats it for now.