new updates

Its been awhile so I am updating the progress of everything: THe 1970 Dodge challenger is about done, its been a long process but the whole car has been completely taken apart prepped and is being put back together , should hopefully be done by the end of spetember, look for updated pictures.
The 1967 Camaro is coming along, i have pulled the top of the motor off to drop in the new cam and lifter set and sent out the heads to be machined, it should be wrapped up next week, then I am putting the new interior back in it and going to drive it as-is until Dave the painter is ready for it.
The Death Sentence Mustang is recieving an update, we are pulling the 351 winsor that is currently in it and dropping in a completely rebuilt 429 with Dove heads and approx 400 horsepower, should be sweet when its done in a couple of weeks, look for updated pictures.
The 1977 GMC Jimmy Jaws 2 will be done finally this week, I will update the site with progression pictures and the final exterior paint.
The James Bond Lotus is coming along nicely, it has been completly disassembled from the frame, and motor pulled, frame has been prepped and cleaned/painted and body has been completely dissassembled prepped and painted, right now its going back together and then comes the interior, I should have clarifiaction soon if is one of the actual cars, stay tuned…..


One Response to “new updates”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hey Todd,

    I found your site by doing some random surfing after I picked up a yellow and black 1973 XB with duplicate details as you’ve presented. Oh yes, it is manufactured by Mattel and has right hand drive! That’s right, it’s a Hot Wheel. Anyway, thought I’d let you know so you can look out for another one. I found this one in the Hot Wheels bin at my local supermarket. In smaller form it reminds me of a Torino, Mustang and Maverick of the time. I do see your references to the other cars that you’ve mentioned. Good luck with the resto’s, keep on keeping on you lucky dude.


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