Update for October

Update: The Death Sentence Mustang is done, the 429 has been installed and runs great approx 410 horsepower, I will add new updated pics to the cars description page and info. The James Bond Lotus is going very slow, it is taking longer than expected, frame off resto, frame was completely blasted recoated, and the body is completely painted , now it needs to be put back together , hopefully will be done by Christmas. I will add pics of the Porsche carrera this week, Also purchsed a new car a 1974 Pontiac Firebird, it is just like the one from the TV show the Rockford Files (seasons 1 and 2) factory color and all, going to be a Rockford files clone, I am the third owner. Look for description page and before pictures soon!


6 Responses to “Update for October”

  1. Rokutonttu Says:

    Do you happen to have any videos or just soundfiles of that death sentence mustang? I would love to hear the engine roam… my dream car.

  2. toddk Says:

    no I dont I could probably take some ifyou want , let me know. Thanks

  3. Rokutonttu Says:

    If you are willing and have time to do that, then it would be awesome.
    Sorry that it took some time to answer…

  4. Rokutonttu Says:

    How is your challenger coming along by the way?

  5. bob Says:

    do you still have the Death Sentence car? Please email me or let me know where it might be today. 4/28/14

  6. Joakim Says:

    Hey Todd! Thank you for a great website! I was just tracking the history of my car and came past your site.. I am now the proud owner of the death sentence mustang. The car was brought to Norway in 2013 and has since then been thru a major overhauling! The 429 is buildt up from scratch, the C4 trans also. Now it runs just beautiful and I am soon starting on a new custom exhaust-system 3″. New paint and interior is going to be added this winter..

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