new updates

Well alot has been going on, the 1971 Camaro is in full primer and ready for paint, I have decided to sell it though, if anyone is interested, let me know, I also have picked up a second Pontiac Can am, now I think I am going to restore the second one instead, its a 50,000 original mile car I purchased from the original owner, has a bad case of sitting, I will update the Can Am page soon, The biggest news right now is that I am finally starting and hopefully finishing within the next two months the Ford Falcon XB GT car, it is currently being primed as I type this, I finally was able to find all the parts I needed to finish it, all coming from Australia of course! more soon!


2 Responses to “new updates”

  1. Thegrumpyscotsman Says:

    Good choice on the XB GT, I’m currently restoring a XB Falcon sedan myself. Beautiful cars and definitely part of the golden era of Ford in Australia. Is it a sedan or hardtop?

  2. toddk Says:

    its the two door hardtop coupe, hopefully it will be painted by this weekend!

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