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13 Responses to “About”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Would you be interested in a 1977 white Lotus Esprit with all original parts (matching numbers)?

  2. toddk Says:

    MICHELLE: Yes I would be interested, let me know condition price etc. Thanks so much! Todd

  3. William Eks Says:

    Todd, great collection of cars! but i wanted to ask if you have a higher resolution photos of the 69 fastback, because i want to print out 6×8 photos and stick them on my wall at home.
    This paint, the tat and the car are just the perfect mix and i would really appreciate it if you could send me 4 photos of each corner where the red tat is applied. I’m not building anything and i’m not trying to make a clone, i just really like how this fastback is made and the movie, is awesome! Thanks in advance.

  4. toddk Says:

    yep I could do that for you, just let me know what specific shots you would like. I am also going to be updating pics on the site of the Death Sentence car soon. THanks let me know. Todd

  5. dave Says:

    hi Todd

    HI THERE just came across your site
    just letting you know there will be an upcoming appearance by the original Starsky and Hutch in feb 2012 at the Hollywoodshow in Burbank ca http://www.hollywoodshow.com they will be there signing and taking photos with there fans
    you might want to bring your car down


  6. Juan Says:

    hello todd, congratulations for your awsome collection. I specially like the challenger and I am planning to get one and restore it. How have been going with your piece? Has been too difficult to find the parts? There is any peculiarity you can tell? Thanks in advance. Exito

  7. nclatwordpress Says:

    Hello, do you have any Lotus Esprit S1 for sale right now? Thank you

  8. Michael S Says:

    Hi there,
    I totally enjoyed your site. I fell in love with the Esprit just when The Spy … came out. I still want to purchase an S1 some time and just like you restore it to its original beauty. Could you give me any advise on where to look for one? What to look out for?
    Many thanks in advance

  9. Robert Says:

    can you tell me the story about the 74 monte carlo you used to own?

  10. Eddie Says:

    Hey do you still have the death proof charger?Let me know

  11. Alan Says:

    Any progress update on the JB Lotus? Were you ever able to confirm a connection to the film?

  12. Rob Says:

    Hi Todd great website,don’t know if you still update but wanted to know more about the 74 Monte Carlo you used to own,Im a huge fan of the 73-77 MC’s my mother used to own a 74 also but was not dependable either.

  13. scott spencer Says:

    Hello, I wanted to build my charger into a death proof car and was wondering if you had any pics f the actual cars used in filming. I need some good pics for the roll cage, shifter etc. I want to match the car as close as possible. I loved your car and have wanted to do mine up since seeing the movie way back.


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