February 10, 2010

update: Well, here is what is going on, I got the buick sport wagon running, i decided which one I am keeping, the other one will be a donor car to replace any parts that are in better condition, then it will be parted out. The Lotus’ are coming along nicely, I have the complete interior ready for installation and we are getting ready to drop the motor in the white Bond car this weekend. The Dodge Challenger is progressing, all is sandblasted, and I just scored some original R/T emblems, I anticipate it being ready by the end or March, check for progress pictures on all three of these projects in the next coming weeks.


November 23, 2009

Update: Well some things have changed with the car line up, I have since sold my GTO, I just didnt drive it , plus I am wanting a 65 convertible GTO, I will be adding the (2) Lotus Esprit’s to the web site, they need restoration but are complete, one has a good chance of being one of the actual Bond cars. They both showed up a couple of weeks ago, they are neat cars! Other than that the site will change with back ground colors etc. more to come……..

Bond Lotus Esprit

October 14, 2009

Well I am updating again, a couple of days back I ended up making a deal on a late model 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 left hand drive, well today I finalized the deal on an early 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 right hand drive. This one needs alot of work, but the interesting thing about it this Lotus is it may be 1 of the 9 actual configurations of Lotus cars used in the 1977 James Bond movie ” The Spy Who Loved Me”, its not the two “hero” cars that were used in most of the chase scenes, one is currently in a museum in the UK and the other sold at auction last year to a collector in Atlanta , Georgia. but its either the one that actually drove off of the pier into the water or the one of the two they used coming out of the water, I am checking the chassis number to confirm this, the vin is missing which is a good indicator that it may have been one of the “water” cars. more info and pictures to come!! Todd

October 12, 2009

Well I closed the deal on the 76 Lotus, unfortuately it is not the right hand drive one, it was just too far gone to consider restoring it, I did pick up a left hand drive one complete and in fairly nice condition, will add pictures and description soon……..

September 29, 2009

Right now I am trying to work out a deal on a car I have been looking for, a 1976 Lotus Esprit, to give you a visual of what this car looks like it is identical to the one in the James Bond Movie The Spy Who Loved Me. color is white with the Wolfrace rims and my favorite, the Tartan interior , for those of you who dont know what that is , it is the Scottish color plaid. Awesome!! NIce car, right hand drive, but a project as the motor and transaxle are MIA but the rest is nice. a rare car… We will see if it works out!! Todd

September 24, 2009

Update: A couple of things happening, I pulled the Dodge Challenger out of Lopez Paint and Body and took it to my new paint and body man Dave, he did the Ferrari, it was just taking too long at Lopez’s place, so I will hopefully have that done in a couple of months. The Chief Brody is two weeks away from getting its Jaws 2 treatment, will add new pictures soon of that. Nov 8th is the Concourse D’Elegance in Winter Park Florida I have entered the Ferrari so come by and say hi. I will add decription finally of the Falcon XB GT next week……. Thats all for now!

August 19, 2009

Time for an update:
I added the Ferrari to the website, also my GTO is currently for sale, I just dont drive it. The Death Sentence mustang was just used for a rock video, more to come on that when it airs. The Vanishing Point Challenger is close to being finished, I will update photos soon! I am going to give the web site a little face lift, email me me if you have any suggestions. Thanks

June 10, 2009

Update: I have added the description to the Death Sentence mustang, I also finally got the personalized plate for the car that matches the numbers used in the movie, I have been driving it alot, fun to drive!! The Ferrari will be added next week, I am actually getting it repainted factory correct silver to make it perfect. The Vanishing Point Challenger is coming along slowly we should be hanging the new quarter panels this weekend, hopefully it will go to paint next Friday, I also picked up a 1972 Dodge D300 Dually truck, this is my next project, I am making it into the TV show Emergency’s Squad 51 paramedic truck, Look for the description soon! Thats all for now. Todd

May 1, 2009

Update: I picked up another vehicle on my still chasing list; a 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS, never thought I would be able to get one of these, case of the right place right time…….. it is silver with blue interor, 74,000 miles. I will post pictures and description soon. I will add the description of the Death Sentence mustang this week, along with the Falcon XB GT. , check back!

April 7, 2009

I decided to update on what is going on; I picked up the REAL hood from one of the Deathproof Chevy Novas used in the movie, this one is from one of the stunt cars with documentation I will add a picture to the site, I also made the trip up to Charlotte last week for the car swap meet, I picked up a rally steering wheel for the Vanishing Point Challenger and new front and rear bumpers, I also towed my Bullitt Mustang up to my father in laws to put a Mustang II complete tubular Arm Coil Over system in it, that way with the 390 now in it, it should handle a whole lot better. That is all for now I am still in the middle of up dating descriptions of the Death Setence Mustang and other stuff on the web site, Keep checking back. Todd